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Overview   top

PowPowSlap lets you record short gestures (movements with the device) and associate them with sounds.

When a recorded gesture is recognized, its sound will be played.

The app has four pages (or modes) selectable with the bottom tabs.

Record   top

This page displays the list of available sounds grouped into categories or ‘packs’.

Sound packs can be fully enabled through In-App purchases and can then be used in all future versions and on different devices.

‘Custom Pack’ allows you to use your own sounds; you can also buy ‘All Packs’ at once at a discount.

select one of the available sounds - it will be played.

tap on ‘Start Recording’; this disables the controls to avoid accidental touches; the app now waits for your movements to reach a certain threshold to start recording a gesture - the start will be indicated by a beep.

slowly move to the starting position for the desired gesture. The initial orientation of the device (with respect to the ground) is used to distinguish between groups of gestures.

perform the gesture several times. Try to make it the same gesture every time. Your movements will be averaged; five to ten repetitions are a good number. The changes in acceleration will be recorded until you stop moving for approximately a tenth of a second.

when the app detects the end of your movement, it will play the sound to confirm and then store the gesture.

double-tap to stop recording.

repeat the above steps for as many gestures as you like.

To reset the gestures for a sound, swipe horizontally across the sound, a ‘Reset’ button will appear.

Tap ‘Reset All’ to reset all gestures.

Custom Pack   top

Purchasing the Custom Pack will allow you to use your own sounds!

In iTunes, select your device, then go to the ‘Apps’ page. Scroll down to File Sharing and click on ‘PowPowSlap’. Drag sound files (format AIFF, extension must be lowercase .aif) into the list of documents or use the ‘Add...’ button.

After the next Sync, your sounds will be available in the ‘Custom Pack’ section.

Play   top

Once you have recorded your gestures, switch to the Play page to try them. The controls will be disabled to avoid accidental touches; double tap to re-enable the controls and to suspend gesture detection. This will also stop all currently playing sounds.

Settings   top

Continuous Detection
Normally, the app waits for you to stop moving and then checks if a gesture can be recognized. This is more precise, but the sound lags a bit. When Continuous Detection is ON, the app checks constantly if it can recognize a gesture and then plays its sound. This is less accurate, since part of a longer gesture may be recognized as a different (shorter) gesture, but it makes for more ‘action’ and less lag.

Trigger Camera Flash
When set to ON, the camera flash will light up when a sound is played. You can use this as a muzzle flash with gun sounds.

Tips   top

when entering Play mode or recording gestures the controls will be disabled to avoid accidental touches; double tap to re-enable them.

if you can't hear any sounds: check the volume with the volume up and down buttons; check that you have recorded gestures; check that motion is detected - the black bar at the bottom of the screen on the Settings and Record pages should flicker when you move the device; check that you haven't gone deaf overnight.

if you pick two similar sounds and assign them to the same gesture, you can introduce a bit of variety (for example, two different punching sounds,) depending on which one matches your actual gesture better.

you can enact ‘mini dramas' by starting a longer sound (for example Horse Gallop) and then performing different sounds (Rattlesnake!, Neigh, Snort) on top of it. Or perform sounds on top of any song playing from your music library.

Please Note   top

do not expect perfection! This is not an exact science. Please forgive any mistaken gesture identification. Think “Siri”, not “rocket launch”.

use at your own risk!

grab the device securely; wrap as many fingers as you can around it. You will be making abrupt movements - don't let it slip from your grip!

don't overdo it - you can get sore pretty quickly.

don't startle people when they are performing dangerous tasks!

never use ‘Gunshot’ or similar sounds around people who may feel threatened and have real guns! The consequences could be dire and somewhat take the fun out of this game. People have been shot for pointing toy guns or even pens at police officers!

Appreciation   top

A special Thank You to the sound creators. Copyrights remain with them.

Thank you also to Mike Johnson at SoundFXNow.com for making the sounds available for download.

Additional sounds found on SoundBible.com, and freesound.org.

Some sounds are used under the Creative Commons Attribution (CCA) license:
Sound Author Lic.
Eagle thecluegeek CCA
Horse Snort erh CCA
Crying Baby morgantj CCA
Grunt bennychico11 CCA

Graphics found on openclipart.org. Thank You to the artists as well. Copyrights remain with them.

Contact   top

Thanks for checking out PowPowSlap! Comments, questions, suggestions? Please let me know and send me an e-mail.

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Christopher M. Knox
d.b.a. bitSplit™ Enterprises.
All rights reserved.

November 30 2012