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 Access Screen

Welcome. This is a CerebraLock access screen. Parameters can be changed at the bottom of the page. The "Screen By Screen" format displays a standard access sequence of entry screens. The "Single Page" format is a condensed representation where each row in the table is an entry "screen" and the whole table is the access "sequence".

To "enter your password", look at entry screen and click on the (radio) button which corresponds to the number of known items among the displayed items. That is, count them. When you are done, click "Submit".

Here, known items are: names which are displayed in black.
In a real life case, known items would be identifiable only by you!

For more details please read the discussion. You may - and I certainly do - have some questions.

1 2 3 4 Sabrina    Isaac    Ezra    Laila    Joyce    Joan    Davion    Julian    

1 2 3 4 Donovan    Byron    Stephen    Rebecca    Matthew    Jacob    Khloe    Steven    

1 2 3 4 Brittney    Alexia    Michelle    Milo    Ronald    Kelsey    Brenna    Grady    

1 2 3 4 Kathryn    Janelle    Gavin    Carmen    Parker    Vivian    Jaime    Rodrigo    

1 2 3 4 Roy    Izabella    Cynthia    Piper    Kamryn    Haley    Nolan    Xavier    

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Last updated on June 7 2012

The number of possible passwords - and only one is correct!
Security Level:1 : 1,024
The 'length' of the password - the longer the better (but also less convenient...)
Sequence Length:5
Error screens are simply added to the sequence, so they don't change the security level. This allows you to get some screens wrong and still 'pass'.
Error Tolerance:0
Smaller is easier, but requires a longer sequence for a given security level.
Pick whichever is easier for you - the internal workings remain the same.
Text or Images; again, the internal workings remain the same.
Show the whole sequence at once or go through entry screens one by one.
Format:Single Page