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I will deal honorably and professionally with you, and I expect the same consideration. These terms & conditions define our business relationship. Please read them. Terms, conditions and prices are subject to change without notice at any time; however, you are only bound by the Terms & Conditions in effect at the time of your purchase.


I, me, we, us, bSE
refer to bitSplit Enterprises and its legal and authorized representative(s).

refers to the person or their legal and authorized representative(s) associated with the PayPal account that is used for financial transactions.

Images, product
refer to the available images.

refers to the process of making a payment to bSE. In exchange, high resolution versions of selected images can be downloaded. Note that the copyright for any image remains with its author. You purchase a non-exclusive license to use the image(s) for your own, private, non-commercial purposes. You are not allowed to resell or publish the image(s).

Conditions, Rights and Responsibilities

I reserve the right to not enter a business relationship with you by refusing or returning your payment. By your sending a payment and my keeping it we enter into a contract, and we both agree to abide by it. When you send a payment, an account linked to your PayPal ID is established and the payment is recorded as a credit. You can use this credit to purchase images.

You assume all risk in downloading and using the product. It is provided as is without any guarantees. Any malfunction, misuse, loss of data - any consequences whatsoever - are your responsibilty. This contract - and any obligation I have towards you - will terminate with a refund of your payment(s).


All transactions will be routed through PayPal in your web browser. PayPal is used for authentication - that is, if you sign on with PayPal and make a purchase of zero dollars, your account becomes associated with your current internet address. Any credit you have will be available to purchase images.

To add to your credit, enter a dollar amount. You will be presented with a confirmation page showing the amount of the transaction. At this point you can purchase or cancel.


Generally - due to the nature of the product - refunds are not given. However, please contact bSE if you made an erroneous payment or have some other issue.