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This screen has three sections. The first one displays bookmarks you have saved via in the Web Browser. The second section shows a history of the web addresses you have visited. The third section is a standard document list showing the link collections you have made.

As a convenience, the bookmark list is preloaded with a few web addresses. Among them are and which claim to allow anonymous searches. Who knows these days? I have no idea, but I suppose they can't be any worse.

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: return to the previous screen.

0/0, , : select, deselect, delete and view documents.

: save selected links as a link collection document.

: load selected link collections. The links will be added to the bookmark and history sections.

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As usual all entries in a section are displayed in 'most recent first' order. Tap on a link to switch to it in the web browser.

To avoid accidental deletion of link collections, selecting a link in the bookmarks or history section will deselect all link collections.

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