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Use the web browser to access the internet. You can specify whether you want to view the mobile or desktop version of websites. You can make link collections and store them securely.

Enter an address into the address bar on top of the screen. You don't need to enter the http:// portion of addresses. Tap Go on the keyboard to load the website. Note that this is for web addresses only, it is not a combined search and address bar.

If a website uses SSL (https:// instead of http://) to securely communicate with you, a green lock icon is displayed (), otherwise the icon is red ().

If the internet is not reachable, is displayed.

Cookies and caches are cleared every time you exit the web browser.

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: go back to the previous web address.
You can get quite rapidly used to tapping in the top left corner to go back to the previous screen. This is great until you are in the web browser and want to go back to the previous page rather than exit. To avoid this annoyance the button is moved to the right, and in its usual location is this button.

: return to the previous screen.

: show the browser options.

: tap to see the bookmarks and history.

: add the current web address to the bookmarks.

: go back to the previous web address.

: go forward in the browser history.

: open the download screen.

: take a screen shot of the visible portion of the browser window.

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Generate Password: tap to switch to the password generator. You can create new passwords; they will be placed in the pasteboard.

Non-mobile Websites: many websites can detect whether they are being accessed with a mobile device. They then have special formatting and/or impose restrictions. Switch this setting on to access the non-mobile version of a website.

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