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The vault data screen lets you compose a message and add attachments. You get to this screen when you want to send a vault to someone else or when you create a vault for your own use.

There is one screen for each compartment in a vault: the normal compartment () and the alternate or coercion compartment (). At the time of access you can decide which compartment to open through the coercion functionality.

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: return to the previous screen. You will be asked to save. When preparing an e-mail, the vault data will be created and entered into the vault data slot on the vault creation screen. When creating a local vault, it will be created and added to your document list.

, : tap to switch between the two vault compartments.

0/0, , : almost standard behavior; see User Interface: Item Selection. When you delete documents they will only be removed from the vault data, not from the document list.

: tap to add documents to the vault data.

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In the top section of the vault data screen you can enter a title and/or a message. These two fields will be combined into a text document named 'Message' and will be displayed along with any added documents when a vault is viewed.

If the documents show an orange lock () then they will be added locked to the vault. If you send the vault to someone else, these documents will not be accessible to them! Tap on a lock to open it.

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