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Password Sets contain conventional passwords. They use the least space and are the easiest to create. However, you lose most of the security benefits of CerebraLock, and you keep all the drawbacks. You are strongly discouraged from using password sets!

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: tap this when you are done with the set. You will be asked to save or discard the item set.

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Password: Enter a password. Take advantage of the fact that passwords can be very long! Use a pass phrase, i.e. a sentence, rather than a single word. You can also use the return key as a special character.

Coercion Password: Enter a second password to be used for the coercion functionality. This is optional.

Password Hint: Enter a password hint as a reminder of which password is required. Don't make it too obvious and don't use the password itself! The hint is displayed whenever you need to authenticate. The hint is optional.

Image: Tap to select an image. Pick an image which will help you remember which password is required. For example, pick a record album cover and make the pass phrases lyrics from songs. Or use movie posters and make the pass phrases quotes from the movie. The image is optional.

Swipe across each row to show a 'Clear' button.

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