Special Characteristics of Practice Locks
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A list of locks is provided to quickly create locks for practice. Select the locks you wish to create and tap to create them. The associated item sets were created the first time you logged in as the default identity.

These files are only for practice! Since the item categories are obvious, anyone can access documents or identities protected by these locks.

See Locks: Content for an explanation of the lock descriptions.

Special Characteristics of Practice Locks   top
The main characteristic, of course, is that anyone can open them. In addition, when you Test Access with a practice lock, the screen flashes orange when you enter the coercion solution. When you use your own locks the screen will flash green to make coercion access indistinguishable from normal access.

For speed, the computational delays for practice locks are set to very small values, and so are the encryption strength and number of sequences. Your own locks will take longer to create and longer to open (and will be much stronger).

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: return to the previous screen. Create the selected practice locks if you wish.

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