Saving Images to the Camera Roll
Camera Shows a Black Screen
Large Number of Documents

Saving Images to the Camera Roll   top
Images which have transparency can be saved to the Camera Roll. However, their preview appears all black (since it's displayed on a black background).

Camera Shows a Black Screen   top
The camera sometimes displays a black screen instead of a preview of what the camera sees. If this happens, push the home button to put CerebraLock into the background. When you return the preview should show. (This seems to have been fixed in iOS 7.1)

Large Number of Documents   top
With all the encrypting and decrypting of metadata, CerebraLock slows down as the number of documents grows into the hundreds. Put documents into packages or vaults to limit the overall number of files.

iPad   top
CerebraLock is compatible with the iPad, but only minor tweaks have been made to accommodate the larger screen. I hope that at some point I will be able to provide a bespoke version which makes better use of the additional screen real estate.

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