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The Item Set List displays available image sets, text sets and password sets. You can create new item sets. This list is also displayed when an item set is required for some other task.

For a discussion of what item sets are, please see CerebraLock: Item Sets.

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0/0, : see User Interface: Item Selection.

: tap to create a new item set.

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An item set is displayed with a random sample image or text as its icon and its description (if one was set) or creation date. It also displays the total number of items and the number of items assigned to each category (coercion, known, unknown). If an item set is usable in a lock, that is, if it has the required minimum number of categorized items, then it is displayed in a green row, otherwise it is displayed in a light red row.

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Tap on an item set to call up its options: (The first three do not apply to password sets.)

Categorize Items: to make an item set usable in a lock you need to categorize its items. See Categorizing Item Sets.

Delete Categories: the categories are what makes your passwords secure. Only you should know them. For security you should either delete the categories or the whole item set after you have created locks. Even though the categories and item sets are locked: if they are not there, you can't be forced to reveal them and they cannot be examined offline.

Edit Copy: make a copy of an item set and edit it. To avoid complications with already categorized item sets, once an item set is saved, you cannot change its items. However, you can combine several (possibly partial) item sets into a new item set.

Export: you can export item sets as special documents for import by other identities or on other devices or to archive them. You should do this only if you really need to and delete them as soon as you can. Both exporting and importing require authentication.

Close Opened Locks: empty the cache of opened locks.

Edit Description: give the item set a descriptive name.

Delete: delete the item set.

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