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Main Screen -> -> -> Public
Overview   top
The Public screen lets you import files and documents from certain folders in the CerebraLock app. These folders contain items exported from within the app, exported from other apps or placed there through iTunes. These items are insecure! Select the desired items, then tap to transfer them to your document list. You will be asked whether you want to keep or delete the insecure versions.

Navigation and Tool Bars   top
: return to the previous screen.

0/0, , : standard behavior; see User Interface: Item Selection.

: import the current selection.

Folders   top
The top section lists the app's folders for navigation; tap to jump to the corresponding section:

New: this is actually not a folder, but a special section grouping together any items added since the last visit to this screen.

Inbox: items received from other apps are placed here if you tap 'Open in CerebraLock'.

Main Level: shows items in the app's 'Documents' folder. You can copy items into this folder with iTunes.

Shared Folder: shows items you exported from CerebraLock as original (raw) data or as documents. These items are not tied to any identity, so you can import them into other identities. The items are insecure!

The remaining sections display the items in the respective folders.

Importing Documents from Other Apps   top
Other apps place their files into the 'Inbox' folder when they export to CerebraLock via the 'Open in CerebraLock' mechanism or via AirDrop. Be sure to delete them from this folder after import if you are concerned about them being insecure.

Importing Documents with iTunes   top
You can copy files directly to your device via iTunes. The files will show up in the 'Main Level' folder and can then be imported and locked. See iOS File Sharing.

Photo Library   top
You can import images from your photo library or camera roll. Tap on the desired images. You will hear an acknowledgement sound. Once you are done, tap 'Cancel' (aargh!) and the selected images will be copied to the document list. If you select images and then a video, the selection process will end, that is, you can select only one video at a time. Images use a lot of memory. Should the app crash when importing many images, try to import them in small groups.

Edited Photo   top
You can move and scale a single image before importing it. However, since you can edit images after import as well, it may be more convenient to just import multiple images and then edit them.

Music Library   top
You can import songs from your music library. Tap on the desired songs. When you are done, tap . Unfortunately, you cannot deselect songs or cancel the import.

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