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CerebraLock comes with extensive, searchable documentation. Tap at the top right of a screen to get context sensitive documentation for that screen. A lot of effort (and pain) went into the documentation - please make use of it!

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: documentation options.

, : go back or forward in your page history.

: show the most recent search results.

: show context sensitive documentation for the current screen (if available).

: show the main documentation page (the index).

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The documentation is searchable. Tap to show or hide the search text field. Enter search terms separated by spaces. The search is case insensitive and you can enter partial words. Each search term is looked up in the documentation.

Search results are displayed as a list of topics and sections ordered by relevance. Some context is displayed around each search term and the search terms are highlighted. Tap on a topic or a section within a topic to switch to it.

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Tap to bring up the documentation options. You can set one of three text sizes for the documentation. You can also export the documentation (see below).

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You can export the documentation as a PDF file and then print or view it as a single document. You can also export the documentation as a ZIP archive to your computer and view it as a local website with your browser (this keeps the links functional).

You can export the documentation from the documentation options screen (). A ZIP archive and a PDF file will be placed in the Documents folder of the app. Tap Main Screen -> to switch to the public folders. Select Documentation.pdf and view it (or tap here). Now you can e-mail it or print it.

To get to you need to connect your device to your computer and go to iTunes -> Device -> Apps -> File Sharing -> CerebraLock. Select the ZIP (and/or PDF) file and save to the desired location. Double-click the ZIP archive to expand it, then open Index.html to get started.

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