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Data sources is a list of commands leading to other screens which let you acquire different kinds of data. It can be accessed from the Main Screen and via in document lists.

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Public: Public Folders and File Import: Folders
import files which you exported yourself, added to the app in iTunes or which have been placed in the Inbox by other apps (e.g. e-mail attachments).

New Record: Records
create new records. Records contain phone numbers, websites, e-mail addresses and more.

Sound Recorder: Sound Recording
record sound.

Camera: Camera
take pictures and videos.

Web Browser: Web Browser
access websites, make link collections, download resources. You can specify to use desktop sites rather than mobile sites.

Pasteboard: Pasteboard
import data placed on the pasteboard (via Copy or Cut) by other apps or on different screens in CerebraLock.

Text: Text Documents
create text documents. Save as text or image.

Scribbles: Scribbles
enter your signature or simple drawings.

Photo Library: Public Folders and File Import: Photo Library
import images from your photo library.

Edited Photo: Public Folders and File Import: Edited Photo
import a single image from your photo library after cropping and scaling.

Music Library: Public Folders and File Import: Music Library
import songs from your music library.

Video Library: Import Videos from iTunes Library
import videos from your library.

Locations: Locations
store your current location and information about it.

Generate Password: Generate Password
generate conventional passwords for websites.

Encryption Keys: Encryption Keys
generate raw encryption key pairs and store them in a text file.

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