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Main Screen -> -> -> Set Log In or Data Lock
Overview   top
On this screen you create log in or data locks for group members. Some of the parameters used to create locks have been defined by the creator of the group. You select the item set to be used and choose the format of your access sequences.

The parameters are displayed as a list of rows:

Lock Parameters   top
The first row displays the parameters of the lock. Some of these have been defined by the creator of the group.

Item Set   top
Tap to select the item set. Item sets must have been categorized (except for password sets) in order to be used. If you select a password set, then nothing else needs to be done.

Security Level   top
The security level is a very rough measure of the strength of the lock. See Create a Lock: Security Level for details. This line displays the actual (rather than minimum) security level for your lock.

Variant   top
Select the variant. The Match variant is only available for image sets.

Groups or Symbols   top
The number of groups (Compare variant) or symbols (Match variant) is the radix - the number of possible values to choose from on each entry screen. The smaller the radix, the more entry screens you need to achieve a desired security level.

This is a trade-off between doing something easy (small radix) many times (long sequence) or something hard (big radix) fewer times (short sequence).

Since the minimum security level is given, the number of screens is adjusted to the minimum number needed to satisfy this requirement.

Extra Screens   top
When you create a lock for a group member the minimum security level has been specified by the group creator. To increase the security level of your lock you can add extra screens to your access sequences if you wish.

Extended Security   top
For additional security with the Compare variant you can select Three Items per Group. For the Match variant you can choose to Wrap Symbols.
See Create a Lock: Extended Security for details.

Maximum Items per Category   top
If you created an item set with a lot of items you can reduce the size of the lock file by reducing the number of items which will be used in the lock. Items will be picked randomly from the item set up to the specfied number - even you won't know which items are used. On the other hand, using all items will make your access sequences more varied.

Navigation and Tool Bars   top
: tap when you are ready to create a lock. Depending on the encryption strength and number of sequences, it may take up to a few minutes to create the lock.

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