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Overview   top
On this screen you define lock parameters to be used by all members of a group. You can set the minimum security level, computational delay and number of sequences to be used. You can also specify the encryption strength or supply your own encryption keys. Group members all use the same encryption keys but access them with their own access sequences.

The parameters are displayed as a list of rows:

Encryption Strength   top
This refers to the strength of the encryption which is related to the length of the keys in bits. Higher is better. The highest setting can take a minute or more to generate.

• Medium: 1,024 bit key. Still considered adequate and widely used, but the industry is shifting towards the next level.
• High: 2,048 bit key. The next generation, considered secure enough.
• Very High: 3,072 bits.
• Highest: 4,096 bits.

Encryption Keys   top
You can supply the encryption keys to be used in the log in locks and data locks of the group. Swipe across the row and tap Clear to revert back to having the keys generated for you. You can create keys in the Encryption Keys screen (see Encryption Keys) or import them from a text file.

Supply two key pairs to retain the Coercion functionality (the second pair will be used for coercion.) The format for each key pair is the raw text including the headers, i.e. the whole
'-----END RSA PUBLIC KEY-----'
block and the whole

Private keys are the keys to your kingdom!
Don't keep them around once you created a lock!
The raison d'ĂȘtre of locks is to make private keys only accessible to you!

Minimum Security Level   top
The security level is a very rough measure of the strength of the lock. It is not related to the strength of the encryption, but is based on the number of possible password values an attacker would have to try to gain access by brute force.

You can specify the minimum level as powers of 10 (i.e. 10^3 = 1,000 etc.). When a group member sets up their log in and data locks the radix and length of their access sequences will be adjusted to comply with this minimum. Pick a level according to your security requirements and how often you need access.

Computational Delay   top
This determines how long it takes to validate one password. See Create a Lock: Computational Delay for details.

Sequences   top
The number of access sequences to generate. More are better.

Navigation and Tool Bars   top
: tap when you are ready to create a new group creator identity. Depending on the encryption strength it may take up to a few minutes to create the encryption keys.

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