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The main screen is a grid of six options leading to other screens. It is CerebraLock's “desktop” and control center.

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: tap to switch to the resume screen (Security Features: Resume Screen). Tap Resume to return to the main screen or tap Log Out to switch to the 'Log In' screen after saving settings and cleaning up temporary files.

: show documentation (Documentation).

Data Sources   top
A list of commands to import documents, such as from the camera, microphone, photo and music libraries and others. You can also create text documents, image documents and records (Records).

The same list of data sources is accessible from the 'Data' screen.
(See Data Sources.)

Identities   top
The icon displays the name and image of the current identity. Tap to show the 'Identities' screen where you can switch identities, edit them or set up new ones.
(See Identities.)

Data   top
This is the main document list where all your documents are displayed. You can search by description or keywords and you can filter the list by document data kind. You can export, lock, unlock and view documents.
(See Data (Document List).)

Secure Data Exchange (SDX)   top
Send one or more documents (or just some text) in form of a vault to someone else. A vault is secured with the lock of the recipient - only they will be able to open it.
(See Sending Secure Data: Send a Vault.)

You can also create secure communications which let you exchange secure text messages via SMS, e-mail or AirDrop with someone else. The total number of unread messages are displayed in a badge.
(See Secure Data Exchange (SDX): Communications.)

Public   top
Displays a list of folders containing public files and documents common to all identities. The public folders are intended to be used for transferring files between identities. Select one or more files to import them.

The number of total documents in the public folders is displayed. The icon displays a badge when new documents are available for import. These documents are documents you have exported from CerebraLock itself or exported to CerebraLock from other apps. They are unprotected until you import them.
(See Public Folders and File Import.)

Admin   top
Tap to call up various administrative functions and settings.
(See Admin.)

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