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This option does not apply to password sets. In order to use items sets for locks they need to be categorized. This means you need to assign a category to each item. For an explanation why you need categories and what they are, please see CerebraLock: Item Sets.

Image or text items are displayed in a list. Initially all items are marked as unused. To make a valid item set you will need a minimum number of items (given below) in each category. If you want to use the coercion functionality you will need at least one coercion item.

Tap on one of the category buttons, then assign categories to your items by tapping on them. Possible categories are:

 unused item. These items will be ignored and will not be part of a lock.

 coercion item. Minimum number required: 0.

 known item. Minimum number required: 20.

 unknown item. Minimum number required: 20.

If you have an 'oops' moment and tap accidentally on an item, tap it again to revert to the previous category. This works only on the last tapped item.

This task needs to be performed carefully and conscientiously, which is why you have to do this one item at a time.

If you are unsure about an item, mark it as unused!

The categories should be unambiguous; your ability to access your data will depend on it! (However there is a bit of a safety net even if you become unsure about some items in the future. Since many different access sequences will be generated you can fail some and still gain access.)

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: tap this when you are done with a set. You will be asked to save or cancel the categorization.

: show the categorization options.

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Revert: revert to the categories which were assigned when you started the categorization.

Reset: clear the categories. All items are marked as unused.

Sort: group all categories together in order , , , . Use this to double check your categorization and to find missed items.

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