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Photos, Videos, Music

App Permissions   top
CerebraLock will ask you for permission to access various kinds of data and functionality on your device. This access is needed solely to allow you to transfer information into CerebraLock for your own convenience and use.

No information of any kind will be sent anywhere or used for any purpose of which you are not made explicitly aware!

You can change the permissions for any app in Settings -> Privacy. Be aware, however, that the app will be immediately restarted by the operating system when you change privacy settings while it's running. Don't switch privacy settings when you have unsaved changes - you will lose them.

If you haven't done this before, take a look at your privacy settings now. It is quite eye-opeing to see which apps request access to what. You may also want to examine (and switch off) Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services -> Frequent Locations.

Contacts   top
Your address book (Contacts) is accessed in various places where contact information is required. For convenience you can pick that information from your address book.

Location   top
CerebraLock does not use any location information. However, when you switch to another app, and you are logged in, it will start requesting location information. This keeps the app alive in the background so it can know when to automatically log out.

You can also create location documents - these, of course, will access and store your location.

Microphone   top
The microphone is only accessed when you want to make a sound or video recording.

Camera   top
The cameras are only accessed when you wish to create image or video documents.

Photos, Videos, Music   top
Your photo, video and music libraries are only accessed so you can import documents into CerebraLock.

You can also save images from within CerebraLock to the Camera Roll.

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